Live To The Truth

Thu May 31, 2018
Since 1839, Framingham State University has lived to the truth by upholding its mission of providing a high quality education to all qualified students. We asked the FSU community what “Live to the Truth” means to them.President F. Javier Cevallos: "Our first President, Cyrus Peirce, was a man that believed that education had one fundamental mission, to teach people the truth. The first time I heard 'live to the truth,' I thought it was an extremely powerful statement about what the institution is about; making sure that our students get the best education, but also with a higher purpose. And being an institution that was started as a teacher’s college, to train teachers, the higher purpose is actually making sure that the truth is available to everyone. So it’s a very powerful statement, and I think that we are now understanding how important it is to live to the truth, to make sure that we have integrity and the courage to talk about the truth and how important it is to all of us."