Solution Focused Therapy with Framingham State Professor Dr. Anne Lutz

Wed Sep 28, 2016
Hi, my name is Dr. Anne Lutz. I am a child and adolescent psychiatrist and prior to this had a career in nursing. I was introduced to the solution focused brief therapy approach by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer during my medical residency training in Milwaukee and have had the immense privilege of practicing this approach for the past 20 years.I have found this evidenced-based approach to be tremendously helpful in the work that I do. Often, as clinicians we are confronted with many challenging clinical situations that seemingly appear hopeless. The joy that I have had in discovering clients’ strengths and resources while expanding their hopes and possibilities has been helpful not only for my clients, but has also benefitted my work as an educator, supervisor, and colleague.I have found this approach to be tremendously respectful, collaborative, client centered and hopeful.I am mindful of the privilege and skill it requires to create a space for constructive conversations. This approach has broad applicability and is useful for many professions including health professionals, mental health workers, child protective workers, supervisors , educators, faculty advisors, probation officers, those working in restorative justice, business professionals, and parents.We are excited to be offering a number of upcoming trainings in 2017 at Framingham State University, workshops on the fundamentals of this approach when working with multi-stressed youth and families, SF approaches for youth and families suffering from substance use disorders, a 4-credit graduate course that offers a certificate upon successful completion as well as a one week summer intensive program in solution focused practice.I invite you to check out or website and learn more details about the trainings and resources we have to offer you, and hope that you might consider trying this approach and seeing if it is helpful for you.Thank you.